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You've seen my face around our website and FB page for a while, after all, I'm the voice behind the posts 99.9% of the time ;), but thought I'd join introduce myself as well!
Name: Jenn
Hometown: San Angelo, Tx.
Major and School: SENIOR! in AgriBuisness at Angelo State University
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid, Steel Magnolias, Shawshank Redemption, Shooter and Bridesmaids - just to name a few
Favorite food: Mexican food :)
Favorite song right now: All Of Me by John Legend
Favorite item to wear: Cute tops and skirts with wedges, and also yoga tights and a big t-shirt :P
Describe your style: Part glam, part boho, part indian, part rockstar, uniquely my own and entirely fabulous!
Celebrity crush: Besides Brady Black from Randy Rogers Band (swoon!), Gerad Butler and George Clooney
Fun fact: I'm getting married in November (eek!)
Your house is burning down, you run in and can save one thing, what is it? 2 things are a must - my dogs Pancho and Rascal!
What does your usual Sunday Funday consist of? Running errands, grocery shopping, homework :(, cooking out and relaxing with friends. 
When did you start working at BWR? Fall of 2009 - I just planned on helping part-time during the holiday season, and here I am full-time (most weeks more) 5 years later!
Why do you love working at BWR? I love seeing repeat customers and meeting new ones. I love getting to know everyone's story, meeting their family when they are in town and bring them to visit and helping people find something they just can't live without. I love the BWR extended family  - there isn't anything in the world we wouldn't do for each other!

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